Grow your wealth with passive investments in farming and timberland.

Why invest in agriculture?

Agricultural production is one of the oldest, most profitable investments available. With each passing year, the world must feed more people with less arable land. Global demographics will continue those trends as the earth's population grows by another three billion people in the next few decades. In a time of financial uncertainty, there is no better asset to own than income-producing farm, timber, or ranch land. These investments provide tangible yields derived from naturally produced products and have beaten the returns from other asset classes for years.

Asset Class Comparison (% Annual Returns: 1970 - 2016)

Source: TIAA Center for Farmland Research

Source: TIAA Center for Farmland Research

Passive Investments in Farming and Timberland

2 farmers in wheat field with combine harvesting in the background

Real assets, like income-producing agriculture, provide a hedge against inflation, and are an attractive investment for a diversified portfolio. There are wide variety of agricultural products, geographies, and methods in which to invest, each with their own risk/return profile, such as:

Harvest Returns provides access to investments with little to no correlation to the overall stock market that produce solid returns compared to other asset classes. The platform allows qualified investors to choose from a variety of carefully screened and selected private agriculture investments. Many of these investments feature sustainable or organic production methods.

Institutional investors and the ultra-wealthy have long understood the value of private investments in natural resources. Now you too can access these deals with as little as $5,000. And yes, you can invest using money in your IRA to get tax-free or tax-deferred gains.

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