Organic Hemp & Modular CBD Lab Investment Offering

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Deal Summary:

Minimum Investment:  $20,000

Targeted Returns:          IRR (register to see); distributions paid quarterly

Target Hold:                   3 - 5 years

Eligibility:                         Accredited investors only

Harvest Returns is pleased to offer an opportunity to invest in WOW Organics Colorado, LLC, a modular CBD oil processing facility in Colorado. WOW's mission is to deliver the highest quality cannabidiol (CBD) products into markets around the world. Their focus is on growing organic hemp and processing it into CBD Oil, distillate and isolate products in their Modular CBD Labs. Note, this CBD oil is zero-THC (the active ingredient in Marjuana), and now legal in all 50 states.

Investment Drivers:

Market Considerations - The 2018 Farm Bill was recently signed into law which legalized hemp at a federal level, and allows states to have programs for growing industrial hemp commercially. The new law allows for transporting hemp across state lines, expanding export and sales options. Driven by explosive growth in hemp-based consumer products, the global hemp market is expected to jump to $10.6 billion by 2025.

Groundbreaking Technology - While there is existing CBD processing capacity in Colorado, most of these processing centers take advantage of local farmers and have a single location. WOW Organics’ modular labs are GMP compliant and can process distillate and isolate products. Third party labs facilitate quality control testing for cannabinoid potency, residual solvent analysis, terpene profile, and microbial contamination, ensuring they’re creating safe, high quality CBD products.

Experienced Sponsor & Proven Partners - The WOW Organics team has experts in each stage of the operation, including hemp growers, CBD oil process manufacturing, and health and retail products. The sponsor currently works with existing organic hemp growers in Colorado, CBD oil wholesale distributors, CBD retail product suppliers, and retail grocery and health companies.