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For family offices, registered investment advisors, and any other planners who help their clients understand and access alternative investments, Harvest Returns is an ideal place to find private offerings in farmland and timberland. Record low interest rates, record high equity market levels, and a commercial real estate market that has peaked in some areas have limited traditional asset classes. Farmland and timberland provide both safe diversification and solid returns. 

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Whether your clients are looking for conservative, yield-based farmland deals, or higher multiple return agriculture development opportunities in emerging markets, our platform has a variety of options. Deals on the platform include both Regulation D 506(c) - accredited investors only, and 506(b) - up to 35 non-accredited sophisticated investors. Minimums start as low as $5000, making them ideal for someone new to the agriculture asset class. Many agriculture deals can also be considered "sustainable" investments, an asset class with growing demand among high net worth Millennials.

Farmland is likely to outperform most other assets. It is still my first choice for long-term investing.
— Jeremy Grantham, in Barrons

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